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Pinellas County Schools
Provisions to allow Wellness Service Providers to provide services 
(ex: massage for staff) during school hours. 
For your convenience, I have included the provisions in our 
Real Property Management’s department policy (9.24) that addresses wellness programs that may occur on site. Please see below:

The school administrator is authorized to permit health-related, wellness activities with out a lease, regardless of the profit status of the activity promoter, under the following conditions:

a.If the use occurs at a time when plat operations personnel are already scheduled to be on duty, and
b.If the participants are solely school district employees, and
c.If the activity is sponsored by a school or school district department and paid from school district operating  funds, or the               activity is sponsored by the school district’s employee wellness program.

If the activity is sponsored by the school district’s employee wellness program, fees can be paid by the school district, school, or the participating employees. A health-related, wellness activity, not already provided by the school district, can be sponsored by a school or department. Any fees must be paid from school or department operating funds, since the vendors of these activities would be considered contractors for the district. A lease is required for any vendor using school district facilities for any health-related, wellness activity that is not sponsored by the school district, a school, or department and which involves the payment of money by the participants, even when the only participants will be school district employees.

Please remember, however, all providers must be authorized in advance and follow the district’s vendor policies. Please see Public Outlook folder Risk Management – Wellness for further information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 727-588-6031.

Christina Kempf
Employee Wellness Coordinator

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