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Pinellas County's School wellness program allows Chair massage services at Pinellas County Schools
Traveling Touch on site chair massage has provided mobile massage services to numerous schools within the Pinellas County School system. 

The schools that I provide my chair massage services to have reserved time with me anywhere between 2 and 10 hours. The frequency of my visits fluctuates from once per month, ever other month, or once per semester.  

For each scheduled visit, the teachers have the opportunity to sign up in advance for massage time costing $1.00 per minute.  Most teachers usually sign up for the massage to occur during break time, lunch or planning period.  Generally, teachers sign up for 10 to 30 minutes of massage.  The massage is done fully clothed on a massage chair that I provide. 

I have received terrific feedback from both the teachers and the schools and can provide letters of recommendation upon request.  

The schools that I currently provide my massage services to include:

- Pinellas County Administration Office
- Walsingham Elementary
- Seminole Middle
- New Heights Elementary
- Paul B. Stephens School
- Ozona Elementary
- McMullen Booth Elementary

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